About Us

San Tang Company is an overseas sales company and is a brother company to Zhejiang CNbuyers.

The main products sold and serviced include generators, compressors, and pneumatic tools.

San Tang has many cooperative suppliers in China.

Our cooperative manufacturers include: SOLLANT, ATLAS, LIUTEC, GESU, KAISHAN,COMPUS AND ETC.

San Tang's manufacturers strictly follow international standards for new technology research and development, adhering to the brand management philosophy of "Energy Saving Creates the Future", aiming to provide stable and efficient air compression systems for global enterprises. Help customers improve productivity, reduce costs, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and achieve global sustainable development.

Starting from 2019, San Tang has fully launched a new product series of fixed frequency and variable frequency screw compressors, covering a wide range of displacement 0.7-65m3/min, power 5.5-560kW, exhaust pressure 5-13bar, which is not only technologically advanced, but also in terms of performance and configuration. Fully consider the user's use environment and characteristics, known for reliability, durability and high cost performance, excellent to meet the needs of users.


Company representatives: Frank Sheng