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San Tang

Leg Drill

Leg Drill

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Model YT28 Pneumatic Leg Rock Drill

Dimension: 661×250×202mm

Weight: 26Kg

Cylinder diameter: 80mm

Piston stroke: 60mm

Operation temperature :-30℃-50℃

Air/water hose size :25mm /13mm

Working air /water pressure :0.4Mpa-0.63Mpa /0.3Mpa

Drilling diameter: 34mm -42mm

Shank dimension: H22X108mm

Max drill depth: 5 m

Cleanliness :≤850mg

Torque: ≥23(0.63Mpa)≥19(0.5Mpa) ≥15 (0.4Mpa)N·m

Impact energy: ≥70(0.63Mpa)≥63 (0.5Mpa) ≥44(0.4Mpa)J

Air consumption: ≤82(0.63Mpa)≤58 (0.5Mpa) ≤52(0.4Mpa)

L/s RPM :≥300(0.63Mpa)≥260(0.5Mpa) ≥250 (0.4Mpa)r/min

Noise :≤127(0.63Mpa)≤125(0.5Mpa) ≤124(0.4Mpa)dB

Impact frequency :≥36(0.63Mpa)≥35(0.5Mpa) ≥28(0.4Mpa)Hz

Drilling speed: ≥470(0.63Mpa)≥400(0.5Mpa) ≥250 (0.4Mpa)mm/min

Supporting accessories Oiler:FY200C;Air Leg: FT160BC


Technical data of supporting accessories:

Item Oiler: FY200C Air Leg: FT160BC

Weight      1.2Kg     16.9Kg

Oil capacity  0.2L     -

Overall length   -     1800mm

Push length   -       1365mm

Cylider diameter  -   65mm

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