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San Tang

Rotary Hamme

Rotary Hamme

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Dimension: 575×170×90mm

Weight: 10.6 Kg

Cylinder diameter: 38mm

Piston stroke: 155mm

Piston weight: 0.9Kg

Air hose I.D: 16mm

Shank dimension: 24mmX70mm

Impact energy: ≥43(0.63Mpa) ≥39.3(0.5Mpa) ≥32(0.4Mpa)J

Impact frequency: ≥16.5(0.63Mpa) ≥16.5(0.5Mpa) ≥15(0.4Mpa)Hz

Air consumption: ≤26(0.63Mpa) ≤20(0.5Mpa) ≤16(0.4Mpa)L/s

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